The much anticipated Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby was on Sat, along with the Trenton Ave Arts fest. I had to miss last years event, so I was eagerly looking forward to this. We got there almost an hour early, and spent some time in Circle Thrift and the Rocket Cat.

A number of our friends were riding in the derby, and had built some wild sculptures. Fred, Matt and Tyson, had built what amounted to a pedal powered dune buggy (which broke down in smoke and won the best breakdown prize). A whole crew of friends built a chariot and rode it dressed as animals and roman soldiers, shooting marshmallows out of blow guns (they won the best costume prize). It was a wild spectacle and the girls loved it. Particularly the giant octopus and its entourage, who gave out little bottles of bubbles. I won’t try to list and describe all the entries here, but you can see Carina’s photos here.

There were plenty of vendors at the Trenton Ave Arts Fest, including many local restaurants. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to eat of the goods. We were, however, able to grab some PBC beer. They were serving Kenzinger and Rowhouse Red, both great choices for a sunny Saturday.

This event ran right through naptime, so we came early, went home for naps (the kids, not us), then actually came back to catch the tail end. It was still going strong at 4pm, along with Lois’ brother Zach’s punk rock bar-b-q.

Pretty much the perfect day.