Lois and I had a chance to run out for some drinks Thursday night at Johnny Brenda’s. Beerlass posted a tip that there may be a newly tapped keg of Sly Fox Jasper Mai Bock there. There wasn’t. But we had some nice alternates instead. We had a pair of Sly Fox Ichors to begin. A bit cloying, and perhaps unbalanced, but it was fine with me. I wasn’t sure what it was when I ordered, but as a quad, it made alot more sense. For round 2, I got a Stoudt’s Mai Bock, since the Jasper wasn’t there. Classic, well balanced, though I was greedy for more than a 10oz pour. Lois tried the Dogfish Festina Peche. She wasn’t much into the tart (a peach sweet tart, in her words), and I can’t say I blame her. It tasted fine, but a full pint would take some dedication. Or, as Lois suggested, it would have gone much better with some pie (in contrast to the Ichor, which she likened to a dessert in and of itself).