We leave tomorrow for Virginia Beach. I haven’t been on vacation in almost 2 years, so this has got me pretty pumped up. I got some empty growlers for Dogfish, we have the bikes waiting for the roof of the car, and I’m already wearing my Speedo. Just kidding. Almost.

We’re actually taking a brand new bike for Lois. With much thanks to our friend Tray, of Master St and Abington Wheel Wright fame, Lois has a borrowed Fuji Newest 3.0. This thing is so new(est) that I haven’t even seen it yet. But I know that she is pretty excited to have a new, STI shifting road bike. Its worlds away from her fixed gear IRO that she’s had forever. We’ll be taking it with us to VA, and Lois will be training for her tri on it.

If all goes as planned, I hope to be able to work on my contribution to the latest edition of the The Session. The theme, as decided on by Pfiff is “drinking anti-seasonally.” It suits me well, as I generally love me a barleywine, or whatever high gravity brew I can get my hands on. I also generally like the colder months, when such beers make more sense. But with authority granted by this month’s Session, I will trade in those cans of Wittekerke and Pikeland Pils for warm snifters of Blithering Idiot. Or maybe even brown bagged bombers of Baltic Thunder while sitting on the beach. More to come on this front, I’m sure.