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There are lots of good things going on in the overlapping section of Venn Diagram of beer and bikes.

On Saturday, we did our monthly Beer of the Bike ride. More people came than every and much fun was had.

Whilst riding, I caught wind of another beer related bike ride that was happening, starting on Sunday. 6 guys (including some local celebrities) are riding from Philadelphia to the Belgium comes to Cooperstown at Ommegang. I’m super jealous, but at least I can ride vicariously through updates at the Brew Lounge.

In a similar vein, some friends of mine are embarking on a 5 day brewery tour this Thursday. I don’t have any handy internet links, this trip was put together in the firm world of face to face communication. Another trip that I wish I could find the time to so. Maybe soon though, if this one works out, we can plan other, bigger, better, brewery bike tour. Cross state? Cross country??

I like where this is going!


The world of bikes and beer has been engulfed by the world of workingness this week.  I’m really looking forward to having some General Lafayette beers tomorrow.

Yes, I did just link to my own (other) blog.  Sue me.

In other unfortunate beer and bike news, Joe Beddia, who recently become the main beer guy at the South Philly Taproom, was involved in a bike accident Saturday night.  Apparently he swerved to avoid an opening door and was hit by a bus!  Somehow, only his hand was damaged in the crash.  But its damaged pretty badly from what I understand.  It’ll require surgery, and won’t be able to work for some time.

I got word last night that the Memphis Taproom had to cancel the morning happy hour for the last stage of the tour. Apparently it requires a special permit to serve alcohol before 11am. Dang PLCB.  Maybe next year.

It doesn’t require a special permit, however, to have a breakfast bar-b-q at my house. I may try to make that happen.

I just caught wind of this:

Tour de France Happy Hour
Sunday, July 27, 2008 :: 7:30 AM (that’s right, AM…)

Oh la la! Sunday, July 27 the final stage of the 95th Tour de France will finish with a hilly course to Paris winding through the Chevreuse Valley before the traditional loop on the Champs-Elysées, la Place de la Concorde and the rue de Rivoli.

Memphis Taproom will show the final sprint into Paris with an early morning happy hour at 7:30am!

visit for directions.

Le Memphis Taproom

Sunday Brunch anyone?

Saturday night we had dinner at the newest addition to Northern Liberties, Dos Segundos. Its a northern reincarnation of the popular Cantina Los Caballitos in South Philadelphia. We’ve only been to the Cantina once, but this newest spot seemed to have a very similar menu. We started with a white cheesy scalliony nacho plate, it was delicious, though a bit too greasy. We stayed simple for our meals, Lois had a spicy and hearty faux beef burrito, and I had the vegetarian chimichanga. Somehow I have a hard time believing that a chimichanga is “authentic” Mexican (maybe its my childhood memories of Chi Chi’s and Taco Bell), but it really doesn’t matter, because it was delicious.

The beer menu, at least as published, was mediocre at best. They very well might have had a draft menu that I didn’t see. And I didn’t ask, because my eyes were set on the tequila menu. I’m not much of a tequila drinker, but I’m a sucker for learning about any drink. Particularly when the menu is so thorough and informative. After reading all about the differences between Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo tequilas (Lois was on her second white peach margarita by this point), I opted for the “liquid smoke” flight. It was a 3 glass flight with a tequila from each category, which the menu described as akin to the peaty malts of Islay. With a comparison like that, how could I resist? (For the record, my poor wallet rarely allows my rich tastes to indulge in my favorite Islay whisky’s, Lagavulin and Laphroaig). I probably wouldn’t have made the connection on my own, having very limited experience with tequila, but the comparison was apt. The three tequilas in the flight really did have a subtle smokiness. Even the Blanco, the lightest of the three.

I’m mixed on the dark decor and the layout. Its not the kind of place I could imagine spending hours in. Particularly with the clientèle of this particular evening. But would will definitely go back, if only to learn about, and try more of their tequila selection.

A little late on the link, but the Madison Beer Review is going to be posting a series on French beers during the tour. I think its a great idea, and a good project for trying new beers during the tour. I’m not sure how available these beers will be in Philly, but I hope to find out.

Last night I enjoyed the old standby, Golden Monkey, during a briefly exciting time trial. I say briefly, because by the time that Feillu crossed the line, the winners had long been determined. Not nearly as exciting as stage 3, with Frischkorn inches away from a US win. Go USA!

Le Tour De France. Its probably easy to argue that this race is past its prime, with all the controversy and bad press. But its still the only cycling that gets decent TV coverage in the U.S.

So for three weeks every summer, we camp out in front of the TV every night to watch it. Its not live, and we have to bear the commentary of Bob Roll (the Roll-factor, as Bike Hugger calls it), but its great nonetheless.

Its also a chance to drink beer. Our Tour brew of choice last year was Sly Fox Royal Weisse, and we had some last night. But I’m thinking maybe we’ll take this year’s Tour and make it a chance to try something new. At the Foodery yesterday I saw so many new and interesting beers, many I had not even heard of. If I can manage the project, I’ll update here.

Regardless, the one thing that the Tour manages to do every year is renew my desire to move to France. Or at least visit it. The towns, the countryside, the cliffs and ocean, it always blows my mind.

I don’t often get a chance to ride into work anymore these days. But every once in awhile, Botto and I will tackle the 20ish mile ride. Granted, he’s mildly insane; working in West Philly doesn’t lend itself to a Northeast Philly route into his office. But after commuting in years past all alone, I enjoy the company, and the motivation. This morning, we tried a different route. We ended up getting to my office 30 minutes quicker riding about the same mileage. The main difference? Bike Lanes! We’re were able to cruise many of the miles at 18-20 mph, ending up with an average of 15+ mph. Its probably slow for some, but for as infrequently as I’m able to do long rides, those number are encouraging.

The only problem is that this new route doesn’t take us past the Grey Lodge. Oh well, detour!


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