I don’t often get a chance to ride into work anymore these days. But every once in awhile, Botto and I will tackle the 20ish mile ride. Granted, he’s mildly insane; working in West Philly doesn’t lend itself to a Northeast Philly route into his office. But after commuting in years past all alone, I enjoy the company, and the motivation. This morning, we tried a different route. We ended up getting to my office 30 minutes quicker riding about the same mileage. The main difference? Bike Lanes! We’re were able to cruise many of the miles at 18-20 mph, ending up with an average of 15+ mph. Its probably slow for some, but for as infrequently as I’m able to do long rides, those number are encouraging.

The only problem is that this new route doesn’t take us past the Grey Lodge. Oh well, detour!