There are lots of good things going on in the overlapping section of Venn Diagram of beer and bikes.

On Saturday, we did our monthly Beer of the Bike ride. More people came than every and much fun was had.

Whilst riding, I caught wind of another beer related bike ride that was happening, starting on Sunday. 6 guys (including some local celebrities) are riding from Philadelphia to the Belgium comes to Cooperstown at Ommegang. I’m super jealous, but at least I can ride vicariously through updates at the Brew Lounge.

In a similar vein, some friends of mine are embarking on a 5 day brewery tour this Thursday. I don’t have any handy internet links, this trip was put together in the firm world of face to face communication. Another trip that I wish I could find the time to so. Maybe soon though, if this one works out, we can plan other, bigger, better, brewery bike tour. Cross state? Cross country??

I like where this is going!