Last night I was pleasantly surprised by a knock on the front door.  My sister in law (“Aunt Li”), who lives across the street, was standing there holding 2 open bottle of Hitachino Nest beers.  Apparently, her and a friend had tasted them and didn’t like them at all.  One person’s trash is another one’s treasure!

I haven’t had it in awhile, but Hitachino Nest is probably up there on my “favorite breweries” list.  Top 10 maybe?  I really like their beer.  And my daughter, whose first word was “owl,” used to be obsessed with their logo.  I would take her beer shopping with me, and inevitably when I asked her what I should get, at little over one year old, she would respond “Owl!” and point to a bottle of Hitachino Nest.

Last night it was a bottle of XH and Ginger Brew.  The XH was my preference, while Lois favored the Ginger.  The XH is aged in cedar sake casks, giving it a unique woodyness.  Like drinking out of a humidor.  So delicious!

A wonderful surprise on a otherwise mundane Thursday evening.