I haven’t brewed any beer in close to a year now.  That fact is unsettling to me.  This post may serve only as private motivation for me, but that’s (going to have to be) OK.  I have a number of close friends who brew, some are rather new at it.  And most are pretty excited about it.  That excitement is getting me thinking about it more these days.

The last batch I brewed was a collaborative brew with my friend Tom.  We did a Belgian IPA (Vive le Fête) where he built the hop bill and I developed the malt and adjuncts.  It turned out to be the best one I’d done to date.  We even pitched brett into half of it, which is still fermenting away a year later.  Before that I had attempted a black saison and a “witwine.”  All of which I was/am pretty proud of.  All of which I intend on brewing again and improving upon.

“Intend” is the key word, however.  I’ve used Jane’s birth as an excuse, I’ve used lack of money as an excuse, but now its time to focus more energy on doing it instead of making excuses.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a friend, and a friend who brews.  So, lets do this.  I’m going to start saving up some change to get ingredients.  Something dark, chewy, wintery.  I’ve missed the chance for summer beers, I don’t want to miss my chance to brew something big and ready for winter.

Mid years resolution.