This weather is killing me.  Its perfect.  (At least up here in the Northeast part of the country.)  Its the kind of weather that finds me outside as much as possible.  I hope to be spending the next couple of weekends getting some nice country riding in (Bike Fresh ride this weekend, yay!)  Until then, most evenings have found me sitting out back, puffing on my Peterson, and sipping an appropriately dark beer.

I’ve been sticking with the affordable and maltylicious Old Chub lately.  But I’m looking forward to drinking around the world of dark beers this Autumn.  Forget Oktoberfest, I’m looking forward to some Founders Breakfast Stout, or even some Yuengling Porter, which despite my general dismissal of their lager, is quite tasty.

So get excited!  The leaves will be bright, the beer will be dark!