I post so often about beer that I often forget about the second part of this blog’s title.  So in the spirit of fairness, I offer you something in between a review and a rant.

I finally replaced my busted up old multi-tool several weeks ago with the Park Tools IB-3.  At first I loved it, as it has many great features: chain tool, tire lever, all the hex sizes I needed.  But it didn’t take me long to notice that it was lacking a phillips head screwdriver.  Now, granted, most bikes don’t use phillips screws, but they don’t use straight screws either, and its got one of those!  I need to put together some IKEA shelves dammit!

But the real clincher was last night.  Pun intended.  I decided to switch out my old and cracking (though still bomb proof) Armadillos for a lighter, more flexible pair of tires.  On both sets of tires, the multi tool’s tire lever was completely bending!  It was totally useless.  Come on Park, put a sturdier tire lever on there!  My fingers are killing me!