Since I’ve gotten many comments on the pumpkin beer post, I’ll post a little follow up.

Of course there are some “good” pumpkin beers out there.  Somewhere.  Of course people might like them because they are seasonal and interesting.  Of course if a brewer brewed a beer dry pie’d with 5 lbs of freshly baked pumpkin pie some people would drink it.  I mean, a brewer used whole pizzas in a brew, so why not pie.

My point is that pumpkin is relatively tasteless.  Its the spices in the beer that evoke the taste of pumpkins.  And autumn.  And Jack-o’-lanterns.  And candy corn.  And vomit.

And, the main point, and the most important one, is that I don’t like them.  So there.  This is my blog, and here, my opinions are the right ones.  So don’t try to change them.  Like Lois did with Southern Tier’s Creme Brulee Stout, which she made me try.  And I didn’t like, just like I decided that I wouldn’t.  And I certainly didn’t enjoy the pairing with cheesecake.  And I hated the subtle bitterness that was contrasted by the sweetness in the pie.  And I cringed as I slowly sipped and carefully finished the entire silky, full bodied bottle.  Nope, not me.  I don’t change my opinions.

Anyone want to buy me some pumpkin beers and try to convince me?