As part of an internet sharing/payment arrangment with my brother-in-law/next-door-neighbor, I’ve found myself in possession of 2 cases of Troegs beer, one of Dead Reckoning Porter and one of Dreamweaver. 

I have always more or less dismissed Troegs, for no particular reason.  Maybe it’s the allure of heavier local offerings from Victory or Weyerbacher.  Or maybe its the ease and availability of Phila Brewing Co’s beers.  However, at aforementioned brother-in-law/next-door-neighbor’s wedding a month or so ago I had a Dead Reckoning Porter, and it blew my mind.  It was largely a circumstantial experience.  After a long weddingful weekend, I severely needed a beer.  I think I gulped down two of them, right after each other.  (Don’t worry, that’s all I drank that night.)  But I had fallen in love, and was quite grateful to receive an entire case of it.

Since them, a glass of porter has been an almost nightly event.  Some of the starry eyed romance is gone, and sometimes its a bit too heavy, smokey, or bitter.  But on these cooler fall nights, it really is quite appropriate.

On nights where I need sometime less intense, I’ve been digging the Dreamweaver.  I generally dismiss American wheat beers (again, for no particular reason), so its been nice reacquainting myself.  I can’t really tell where this falls on the German Hefe/Belgian Wit spectrum, but honestly, I’m not usually paying attention, simply enjoying.

All this to say, I’m sold on Troegs now.  I’m sorry that I dismissed you.  To make it up to you, I’m going to be splitting a case of Mad Elf with a friend.  Another Troegs creation that I have mindlessly ignored for the past several years.  Hopefully I can enjoy some of it this winter, and save the rest to cellar for winters to come.

PS – for the record, I have had Troegenator recently, and often.  So I haven’t completely ignored this brewery.