Prompted by a comment to a comment last week over at Bike Hugger, and after last week’s night of indulging in some high alcohol beers, I wanted to comment the idea of session beers.  I generally am drawn to the heavier beers, high ABV, full bodied, big flavors.  But in trying to expand my palate, I’ve been really trying to spend some time appreciating lighter beers.

Thankfully, Philadelphia beer culture is full of session beers.  Without getting into a well structured list, there are decent session beers from many of our local favorites, Earth, PBC, Victory, Sly Fox; as well as a great selection of easy drinkers at most bars in the area.  My recent Troegs binge, a visit to Earth, frequent trips to the Memphis Taproom;  Considering Bike Hugger’s complaint about the lack of low ABV beers in LA, I’m (we’re) fortunate to have such a great selection in the region.

Which leads me to cask ales, perhaps my favorite form of sessionable beer.  There is nothing like a lightly carbonated, cellar temp ale after a good bike ride.  Even if the ride is only from home to the bar!  For a daily update of what’s on cask around town, check out  I’ve been happy to see more than just IPAs on that list recently, and I’m been drooling over the idea of some darker stuff on cask.  Chilly bike ride, early sunset, pint of cask poured porter – sounds like autumn to me!