Going through my Google Reader I found some bits from around the web that I wanted to share.

Per the Bike Coalition, they are (planning on) building a continuation of the Valley Forge trail.  It should go all the way out to Exton.  Could it be that in the future one could ride all the way to Victory Brewery on a trail?  I sure hope so.

A good post over at the 100k house blog about the hop shortage and how it might lead to positive change, along with the floundering economy and oil crisis.  If you don’t know about this project (or care about sustainable development), you should check it out.  It’s exciting.

Some beer and cheese events via Joe Sixpack.  I never get to go to these, but I’ll never stop dreaming.  I love cheese almost as much as beer.

 This Sunday is the Philadelphia Marathon.  They don’t allow bikes, so I won’t be doing it.  But Bryan from the Brew Lounge is.  Send him some encouragement, then maybe buy him a beer at the Tiedhouse afterwards.

And as my family grows, we need to be more creative in our cycling.  I’d love to think that we could go carless, like the family described over at Cyclicious, but I don’t know if Lois is on board for that.  I wouldn’t mind having an Xtracycle though.