I’ve been keeping my head low the last couple of weeks.  Money’s been tight and the holidays have been keeping me busy.   Every special event and new beer tapped (World Wide Stout at the Standard Tap?!?) that I have to miss makes me less motivated to write here.  There have been plenty of exciting things going on in the world of beer, food, bikes, etc.  Someday I’ll catch up and get to enjoy some of them.

Not to be an entirely down post, I am going out tonight.  Lois’ and her misfit musical ensemble are playing at Johnny Brenda’s with the Meat Puppets.  Remember them?  Ha!  According to Cask Ale Kev they have Dead Reckoning on cask.  I’ve been living on that stuff at home, it will be interesting to see how it is on cask.  Come out and have some with me.

Oh, and we bought a minivan.  Call me daddy.  A black 2008 Dodge Caravan.  The thing has a harddrive.  Seriously.  More disk space than my iPod.   And plenty of room for bikes.  Road trip anyone?