Thanks to Foobooz for reminding me that I wanted to round up a list of my anticipated Beer Week events.  I’ve spent my time on the site, and on the Brew Lounge’s very convenient spreadsheet, and Jonny and I met and schemed.  I think I’ve come up with a reasonable list of my “must do” events.

Its a simple list really.  I can’t afford to do it all, financially as well as time and liver health.  But there are a handful that look really awesome.

  • The bike rides.  Duh!  The “Le Philly Tour de Brew” on the 7th and the Beer of the Bike Brewery Bike ride on the 14th.  They will fill up both of my Saturdays.  I’ll be missing some other great events, but that’s how it goes.
  • Vintage Beer Brunch at the Memphis Taproom, Sunday the 8th.  This will be a recovery meal from the 60 mile ride the day before.
  • Tuesday night out, March 10th.  There is a couple things going on Tues night that I hope to get out to.  Sadly, I’ll be missing the Randy Mosher course at Dock St, which sounds amazing.  But I do hope to do a little pub-biking trip from the Avery Happy Hour at the Devils Den at 4pm, to Doobies at 5pm for a Voodoo meet the brewer, then end up at Triumph for a tutored cheese and beer paring (if there are tickets left, emails sent! score!).
  • Thursday night Klash of the Kaisers at Triumph.  I’m not a pilsner fanatic, but my good friend David is.  We’ll be there.
  • Zythos America.  I don’t hear much about this event, but looking at the beer list, its quickly becoming my most anticipated event.  $45 for 3 hours of possibly the best beer available in the US.  Who wants in?