In the spring of 1997 I had a seafood dish at Chi Chi’s in Willow Grove.  In January of 2006 I had a sashimi dish at Morimoto.  Between those 2 events, I did not eat any meat: fish or otherwise.  And other than a lost bet last year, I haven’t eaten any red meat or chicken since some time in early 1997.  That’s nearly 12 years of being a vegetarian*.

That all changed last night.

I had made it a new years “resolution” of sorts that I was going to start eating meat again, and last night I made my move.  My intro meat-meal was at Marrakesh with Lois and her sister, Lisa,  and Lisa’s husband Adly.  Being a Palestinian and world traveler of sorts, Adly’s favorite meat is lamb.  And I really wanted to try it.  So, as part of a 6 course meal last night, I had some whole roasted chicken with lemon and olives, and honey-almond lamb.

I’m a bit torn about this change.  Its hard not to be after 10+ years of being a vegetarian.  My ethics are still the same.  I still think animals should be treated with respect.  I still think factory farms and other such corporate treatment of animals is bad.  And I still don’t think that its wrong for humans to eat meat.  I’m just switching from abstaining for conscious’ sake to consuming for enjoyment’s sake.

So, who wants to cook up some bar-b-q this summer?

*ok, 9 years of being a vegetarian, then 3 years of being a pescetarian.