For the first time this year, I think, I didn’t really have to work this weekend.  (I write this as I’m working, 10pm Sunday night).  It was a strange sensation.

Last night, for about 36 seconds, Lois and I were on TV.  The Samantha Brown show on the Travel Channel contacted me several months ago about filming one of our bike rides.  Its a long story, but Lois, Rose, Sonya, and I met up with Samantha on a rainy afternoon and visited several places around town, drinking beer, chatting and filming.  In the end, they only used the shots from Yards Brewery, and none where we were actually talking.  So it was kind of a bust.  But at least we were on TV.  And we got the drink a Westy 8 with Samantha and Tom Peters, so I’m not complaining.

Baby #3 is due in 4 weeks. As if life wasn’t crazy enough.  I can’t wait to meet this kid.

Apparently there is a channel showing the Giro D’italia.  I’ve never heard of it, but US (Universal Sports) is showing the race every night at 9pm.  Now I don’t have to wait for the Tour De France to watch cycling at night!  Although, the coverage is pretty annoying, lots of Lance.  And the commercials are super irritating.

And I’m going to Puerto Rico in June!  Lots of exciting things on the horizon…