Last week I was hearing about Duck Rabbit beers making their way into PA.  I wasn’t able to get to any of the special events unveiling them, so instead I picked up a 6 pack at the Foodery.  I wasn’t sure whether the “dark beer specialists” were as good as they we reported to be, but after a glowing recommendation by the guys at the Foodery, I decided to give them a try.

I picked up a bottle of each.  They were all solid offerings.  I’m no expert on brown or amber ales, but I wouldn’t be afraid to claim that they were among the best examples I’ve had of the style.  And the RIS and barleywine were great too, though on the hoppy end of the spectrum, which isn’t my favorite end of the spectrum. And the porter, yes please.

But its the milk stout that really wowed me.  This style isn’t uncommon around here.  Lancaster Brewing is known for it.  But its always been forgettable for me, either chocolatey and cloying, or a watery version of a stout.  But the Duck Rabbit milk stout was spot on.  It had a silky mouthfeel, with a perfect balance of roasty bitterness and chocolate sweetness.

Only problem was: Lois liked it too.  So I only got a few sips in.  (Milk stouts used to be given to pregnant and nursing mothers, right?).  So to confirm my initial impression, I went back and did a little milk stout tasting: Duck Rabbit vs. Lancaster vs. Left Hand.   All were good, the Left Hand on the bitter end, Lancaster on the watery end.  But Duck Rabbit sat squarely in the middle, and on easily on top of the competition.

I’m glad to have this brewery in PA.  Its nice to see a brewery focused on a particular style, one that isn’t belgian or hoppian.