After hearing loads of good things about Que Chula es Puebla, we decided to take the family over for dinner last week.  We live a block from Taco Riendo and Las Cazuelas, so good mexican isn’t hard to find around here.  And with Dos Segundos and El Camino Real, it would seem that the burrito needs in this area are well met.

I, however, would disagree.  I remember years and years ago making a weekly trek down to South St to a place once called Sausalito’s.  They had amazing and simple burritos,take out or eat in, no frills and no pretense.  For a vegetarian (at the time), it was perfect.  Fast forward to the present and migrate northwards: where’s a boy to go for a simple burrito?  Places around here, while delicious, are sit down, get a beer and a platter type joints, taste the authenticity and experience the service and nightlife*.

Enter Que Chula es Puebla.  Its the second (that I’m aware of) mexican place at this location.  The first one turned Lois off by the addition of celery in her veggie burrito, and we never really gave it a second chance.  Que Chula, however, deserves a second chance.  Soon.  The menu is the kind of Spanish dictionary that makes this recent meat eater want to work my way through the entire thing.  That might actually become a goal, we’ll see.  Perfect portions, chips with queso blanco and salsas, reasonable prices.  This is indeed the place that we’ve all be waiting for.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic.  The ambiance is cold and dull.  There is no music, no soft lighting, no separate dining menu.  But honestly, that’s whats so great about it.  So lets get a six pack of fizzy yellow Mexican beer, scan a paper take out menu, and feast on all the treats that cows and pigs and beans can provide to us, by way of Que Chula.

*I’m purposefully leaving out Pura Vida, a wonderful place that gets far too little respect, and far too little patronage from me.