I’ve been in the process of discovering all the animal based food that I’ve missed in the past 12 years.  As summer approaches, I’ve been particularly excited about having outdoor grilled meats.  I order to satiate this growing desire, Lois and I recently bit the bullet and got a gas fired grill (I know, I know, gas is lame.  Help me figure out the best way to get some charcoal smokey flavors in there then.  Smoke box?).  So much of this meat thing is still new to me though.

Proper way to cook a burger?  I either way over cook them, or eat raw meat with a brown coating.  How long should you actually cook kielbasa?  Grilled steak?  I mean, Carina you’re great, but I think there might be better steaks out there than the ones we had.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I had a Five Brothers burger the other day and was in love.  Shall we track down the best burger in town?  The best sausage?  Roast pork?  Cheese*gasp*steak?

So I hereby declare my Meat Quest.  I’m going to eat everything that I’ve missed out on in the past 12 years.  And I’m going to find the best examples of it if I can.  Help me.