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Philly is getting some great bike-centered design lately, and the Bike Coalition just posted some images of the South Street bridge.  Awesome!  Between that, and the Pine/Spruce St experiment, things are looking pretty great for downtown Philly!  (Unless of course you are a vehicular cycling nazi).

And did I say bikes and beer in the news?  Sorry, I meant bikes and crap.  Mr President, really?  Really??


This Saturday, August 1st, at 4pm, Trophy Bike Garage is hosting a benefit party to help make the first Hardcourt Bicycle Polo World Championships happen!  There will be food, beer, raffle prizes, and general awesomeness.  $10 will buy you a pint glass, $1 will buy you a raffle ticket.  Learn more about it here:

7/26/09 – Whitefish Platter.  This is an unusual choice for me.  But I had too much greasy meaty late night food the night before, so I went with something lighter than usual.  And you know what, olives for breakfast are amazing!

Meetup at the stepsI was surprised to arrive at the Art Museum in the wee hours of the morning to find people already waiting.  In a strange turn of events, 12 riders were all up and ready to roll out right at 8am.  Who said bikers are never on time?

The ride was pretty epic.  It was a hot day, but fortunately most of the route was shady.   And the quiet morning streets of the mainline almost made some of the harder hills enjoyable.  Almost.  It wasn’t actually a hard ride at all, and maybe I was the only one, but I’m far out of shape and found myself dropped quite a bit.  Regardless, we all managed to stay together and roll up to the Victory Brewpub 5 minutes after they opened.
Boot rd, almost there
We took over the table in the corner, covered with a copper lauter tun top, and ordered up various flights of various beers.  I went with a flight of special edition Pils brewed for the Craft Brewer’s Conference.  Lunch, beer, air conditioning, it was the perfect Beer by Bike.  We split up for the ride home, some rode back, some caught a train, and some were fortunate enough to hitch a ride (guilty as charged).
Pils flight

The total mileage was about 37 from Art Museum to Victory.  And it was easy enough, and awesome enough, so don’t be surprised if you see this ride repeated at some point in the future.
bratwurst fest

The weather is looking like its going to cooperate with us on Saturday, if maybe on the hot end. So I’ll see you all at the Art Museum steps a 7:30am. We’ll be leaving promptly at 8am, so don’t be late. We’ll decide on the route in the morning, though it will be some variation of one of these routes:

I was going to write a review of Honey’s Sit and Eat.  But duh!  Who doesn’t know how great this place is?  So instead I’ll begin a weekly update of what I eat there.  Like you all really care!

7/22/09: Enfrijoladas.  These are better than any Heuvos Rancheros, anywhere.  Seriously.  Spicy, beany, eggy, but somehow light and summery.  Not at all a dense stomach bomb like some mexican-y breakfast dishes can be.

Bryan over that The Brew Lounge, in his quest to help the General Lafayette Inn stay above water, is hosting a run this Sunday.  (Well, he said walk and bike too, but I don’t see any further mention).  If I wasn’t attending a wedding (and potentially recovering from the ride to Victory the day before) I would be there.  But as I can’t be, you should go in my stead.  The General Lafayette Inn was one of my favorite rides from last year, and I would love to see them continue in business and thrive.  So go, with your running shoes, or your bike, and support your local brewpub.  Especially your local brewpub at the end of an awesome bike path housed in an awesome 300 year old tavern house.  Never been there?  This is your chance, do it!  And bring a growler!

I’m trying out a seperate Twitter account for Beer by Bike:  I’m on twitter personally, but I would like to start using it to promote this blog, and the corresponding rides.  We’ll see how much I keep on top of it.  I’ve been using TweetDeck at home, which lets you post to multiple accounts.  I’m also going to try one of those rss feed publishers, to let the twitterverse know when there is a new blog here.  This post will serve as the first test case.

The Tour de France is 2/3rds over, and I’m only just now getting a chance to post some of my thoughts.  These three weeks in July are the only time I watch sports all year.  But for these three weeks, its a nightly affair.  I may be a fairweather friend to bike racing in general, but I love the Tour de France.

First off, I’m going to get the ranting out of the way.  And there is a lot to rant about.  First, ENOUGH WITH THE LANCE COVERAGE!  I mean, he’s a great racer, and has done many great things.  But there are other guys out there racing.  I don’t need to see zoomed in video of his face every 30 seconds, I don’t need an interview after every stage, and I don’t want to hear Craig and Bob talk about him every second of every stage.

Which brings me to my second rant, the commentary.  The commentary by Bob and Craig during the extended nightly coverage is THE WORST!  I know that I could just get up early, stop working for 3 weeks, and watch the live coverage with Phil and Paul’s wonderful commentary every morning.  But I don’t have that luxury.  I have to watch the recorded replay at night, like most of America.  Please please please, Versus Channel and all the powers that be, put Phil and Paul on the nightly coverage for the entire time, not just the last 2km.

Ranting aside, I really enjoy watching this race.  I have a tendency to root for the underdog, whoever that might be.  At the moment, I’m rooting for my fellow Americans and Twitter friends, Dave Zabriskie and Christian Vandevelde.  Though it looks like Zabriskie might be out of the running, I think Vandevelde still has a chance.  And if only to see Cavendish lose a sprint, I’m hoping for Tyler Farrar to beat him out one of these days.

One great thing about this year’s Tour is that Versus is broadcasting it in high definition.  Part of the fun in watching this race is watching the scenery of where they are riding.  Every stage is beautiful in its own way.  And with every new stage, I discover a new area to visit.  Someday.  Though not that HD matters much to me and my reliable old 21″ box.  But someone, somewhere is enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery to behold, outside of the Travel Channel (and real life, of course).  And someday, maybe I too will be able to watch in HD real life also.

Photo courtesy of Graham Watson, check out his awesome photographic documentation of this race and others at

In my quest to convert the ride formerly known as “Beer of the Bike,” I’m going to start using this blog to announce upcoming rides.

And to kick it off, what better ride than a nice long one out to Victory Brewing Co in Downingtown, PA on July 25th.  It’ll be a long ride, so we’ll be leaving early.  I’ll post the times and details once I figure them out.  But expect to meet at the Art Museum bright and early!  And plan for some hills out in Chester County.  For the way home, you can either ride back, hop on the R5, or arrange a ride.  It will be about 35-40 miles each way.


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