I mentioned it in the last post, but I figured why wait?  I wanted to plug my new favorite coffee spot in the neighborhood, El Cafeito.  Tucked away on the corner of 3rd and Cecil B Moore, it opened up a little under the radar, or at least under my radar.

I’ve been there several times now, and I can safely say that the coffee is good here.  I’m fully willing to admit that I am a coffee snob, and I get really pissed when a coffee shop doesn’t have good coffee (I’m really sorry Rocket Cat, you’re a great place, but…).  I was sad when The Latte Lounge closed; despite the name, they had the best coffee in Northern Liberties.  One Shot was my recent go to place, and they make a decent cup, but for some reason I was never sold.

But El Cafeito pours La Columbe coffee, which is good provided its prepared well.  Which it is here.  And they have the aforementioned mallorca pastries, along with other sweets and sandwiches.  All in all, I’m sold.  Go there, buy coffee, try a mallorca, and stop putting up with poorly prepared coffee.