Meetup at the stepsI was surprised to arrive at the Art Museum in the wee hours of the morning to find people already waiting.  In a strange turn of events, 12 riders were all up and ready to roll out right at 8am.  Who said bikers are never on time?

The ride was pretty epic.  It was a hot day, but fortunately most of the route was shady.   And the quiet morning streets of the mainline almost made some of the harder hills enjoyable.  Almost.  It wasn’t actually a hard ride at all, and maybe I was the only one, but I’m far out of shape and found myself dropped quite a bit.  Regardless, we all managed to stay together and roll up to the Victory Brewpub 5 minutes after they opened.
Boot rd, almost there
We took over the table in the corner, covered with a copper lauter tun top, and ordered up various flights of various beers.  I went with a flight of special edition Pils brewed for the Craft Brewer’s Conference.  Lunch, beer, air conditioning, it was the perfect Beer by Bike.  We split up for the ride home, some rode back, some caught a train, and some were fortunate enough to hitch a ride (guilty as charged).
Pils flight

The total mileage was about 37 from Art Museum to Victory.  And it was easy enough, and awesome enough, so don’t be surprised if you see this ride repeated at some point in the future.
bratwurst fest