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As of Friday night, it was looking like our ride might be rained out.  Even Saturday morning, I was all ready to get drenched en route to the Art Museum , expecting to wait in vain for anyone to show up.  But though the skies were ominous, the rain was holding off.  So starting with two friends who met at my house, we snowballed across town, meeting several people at Honey’s, and more on Spring Garden St.  By the time we left, we were 13 strong, ready to brave the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Camden streets.

Though the roads were bumpy, and there was one flat, the ride wasn’t really bad at all.  A leisurely pace, traffic played nice with us, and before we knew it we were there.  We were fortunate enough to have Chris Lapierre, the head brewer of the brewpub and cyclist, on the ride with us.  Many thanks to him for several pitchers of his beer, and for a special tour of the brewery.  Other than the tour, the highlight of the afternoon (for me at least) was when Chris shared a couple bottles of sour beers he was working on.  I love sour beers, and both of these were delicious and complex.

The ride back was more of the same, only hotter.  And there was no rain on either part of the ride.  So it ended up being a great day.  About a 30 mile ride, some great beer, and awesome views of the city.  Lets do it again sometime!


The forecast is calling for heavy thunderstorms tomorrow.  I really think that fate has a problem with me riding to NJ, as this isn’t the first time this has happened.  Regardless, I’m still planning on doing the ride to Iron Hill tomorrow.  In the morning, if things are looking bad, we’ll revise our plans accordingly.

If you’re planning on coming and want an update in the AM, feel free to contact me in whatever manner you want, email, phone, facebook, twitter, etc.  (My email is: jesseleekeenan, at the email service of google.  Search that, spambots!)

As is my usual style, I’ve neglected to announce this month’s bike ride.  Never fear, however, this August will find our thirsty little legs taking us once again into the Garden State.  Next Saturday, August 22nd, we’ll be riding to the newly opened Iron Hill location in Maple Shade, NJ.  It should be a relatively flat 15 miles each way. However, it will be a high traffic ride, so be sure to bring your helmets and quick wits.  To keep the plans consistent, we’ll be meeting as usual at the Art Museum.  10am.  August 22nd.  See you then!

8/7/09 – Biscuits and gravy.  Sure, its kinda strange that the sausage is a single patty, instead of crumbled up in the gravy.  But who am I to complain?  This is the sort of breakfast that I’ve been missing out on for 12 years.  I am in love with meat and white gravy atop starchy baked goods.

Yesterday Two days ago, I found myself in Delaware county around lunchtime.  Recalling a respected friend’s recommendation of Charlie’s in Folsom, I decided to give it a try.  Click the link.  I should have.  I won’t repeat what Scott already said, but I definitely should have done some homework before I went.  Because while the burger was delicious, “the ratio of burger to cheese to bun,” as Scott put it, for a single cheeseburger is way too unbalanced.  The tiny burger was overwhelmed by the cheese, bun, not to mention, ketchup, tomato and pickles.  I’m going to try it again, but get a double burger the next time.  And maybe a milkshake.

Since my burger needs weren’t really met at lunch, I did a double burger meal day, and dragged the ladies out to check out P.Y.T in the Piazza.  With all the hype and Twitter trash talking, I had been wanting to check this place out.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The P.Y.T. burger was actually quite perfect, despite being cooked a bit beyond the medium that I asked for.  But with the extras, bacon, special sauce, etc, and the Martins potato bun, the burger was spot on.  It wasn’t quite a pub burger slab of meat, though definitely in that direction., as opposed to the thin sheet of beef at Charlies.

I also had a (non-adult) shake and fries.  The shake was great.  Rainbow jimmies were a perfect little addition.  The fries however were pretty boring.  They have been much lauded by the owners tweet taunts over the past few weeks, but they just weren’t anything special.  If they weren’t so talked up, I wouldn’t even mention them.  They were just… there.  Thin, average, a forgettable side dish.

I have many more places and animals to try in my Meat Quest.  Burgers have now become an important sub-quest.  Bring on the beef.

I’ve noticed some new beer and drinking related shows on TV in my late night channel surfing.

I’ve heard of “Three Sheets” from when it was on Mojo.  But as I never got that channel, I never really watched it.  Now that its on FLN, I’ve caught at least one episode.  I like the format.  And even though my watching of travel shows is permanently ruined from seeing behind the curtain of the Samantha Brown show, and even though it certainly glazes over much, I still enjoy this show.  I don’t expect it to ever be a comprehensive guide to drinking in other cultures, but its a fun watch.  Knowing a bit about brewing and distilling helps, as he/they tend to dumb things down a bit.

The other show that I found is the Thirsty Traveler.  This one I know much less about, other than recognizing the host from Iron Chef.  It seems like a similar format, and the one episode I saw was entertaining.

I hope you don’t watch as much TV as me, but at least now there are some interesting things to watch.

7/31/09 – Chipped Beef on Toast.  I almost forgot to post this one.  Honey’s version is much meatier and drier than mom’s, my childhood favorite.  But the 1/2 size is more than enough.  I don’t know how I ever ate so much of this as a kid.


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