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9/27/09 – Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs.  You know, ever since becoming a meat eater, I’ve encountered some meats that I actually prefer the veggie version better.  I think this might be one of them.  Really good, don’t get me wrong.  But there isn’t really a need for the huge slab of beef, when it’s really the batter and gravy that I want to be eating.  The meat just fills me up.  How about chicken fried eggs with gravy?  Mmm, white gravy…


Grey LodgeIn the end, we weren’t able to get out to Philadelphia Distilling.  It would have been nice, but their tours were all booked.  But look for a ride up there in the (near?) future.  We did, however, take the short ride up to the Grey Lodge, which many of us had never been to before.  Tucked deep in Mayfair, the heart of Northeast Philadelphia, it’s just far enough away that it flies largely under the radar.  Unless of course you’re a beer geek, in which case you probably know if its amazing beer selection.

Stone 2009

This infamous beer selection is what lured us there, and it did not disappoint.  Troegs Nugget Nectar on handpump, Saint Somewhere Pays du Soleil, and the star of the day, Stone’s 2009 Vertical Epic, a smoky hop bomb disguised as a belgian porter.

It was a beautiful day, and the ride was lovely, if shorter than usual.  We mostly split up for the ride home, some heading north to Montgomery county, some back the (real) city, and I rode up to the parents place in Langhorne.
The best section of my commute

Sorry for the late notice!  We’re riding this Sat, 9/26, out to the Great Northeast to (hopefully) check out Philadelphia Distilling. Join us at the Art Museum at 11am for the traffic-y but fairly flat 15 mile ride

I was thinking today about free time.  I really wish I had more of it.  The original purpose of Beer by Bike, as it was conceived (as Beer of the Bike), is really needed again for me.  In case you’re new, I started up the monthly ride series as a way to both a.) go on a good bike ride and b.) explore more of the great beer spots in our area.  This was at the end of 2007.  Jane was 6 months old, and life was pretty busy.  I really needed at least one day a month “off.”  Now, with Penny around, life is (impossibly) more busy.  Making time even more limited, I’m a certified real estate appraiser now.  So my days (and nights) are filled with inspecting houses and working on the computer.  Makes it so I don’t even want to look at a computer when I don’t have to.  Thankfully I’ve managed to continue our monthly rides (if not regular updates of this blog) through this time.  And I don’t intend on that changing.

So, I don’t have this month’s ride planned yet.  But it will happen.  Sept 26th.  Something fall-y and long-ish.  I really want some Oktoberfest beer.
Madeline's first day of preschool
In other personal news, we purchased a Kona Ute.  Once we get our custom rack all hooked up, we’ll be able to carry all three girls on one bike.  I’m super pumped about that.  I’ve already used it to pick Madeline up from school.  Oh.  Yea.  Madeline is now in pre-school.  Ha, I’m a real dad now.

Sorry for the rambling personal post. After several weeks of silence, its kinda inevitable.  Fall is coming.  I can’t wait.


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