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I’m sorry to say that it looks like this month will pass without a Beer by Bike ride.  I’m very sad about this.  I’m going to chalk this month’s failures up to the month being haunted.  Some ghost or demon cursed our ride.  We’ll have to make up for it by doing something awesome next month.  Any suggestions on where we should go?


After a 2 year hiatus, I’m planning on brewing a batch of beer again.  Thanks to Tom’s prodding, I’ve finally made the effort to plan this out.  Notes and recipe are posted in Tom’s blog, so I won’t repeat here.

But the exciting thing is that during those 2 years, while I might not have been brewing, our beer has.  We have about 3 gallons of what was a Belgian IPA that has been sitting in a carboy with some sour yeast since November 2007.  We plan on bottling it this Sunday, in conjunction with our brew day.  I’m really excited to see how this beer tastes.

Updates, notes and maybe even pics to follow.  And if you feel like hanging out in Collegeville this Sunday with some sour beer and boiling kettles, just let me know.

So if you’re bummed about the ride not happening tomorrow, there is plenty going on this weekend instead.

Obviously there is the Gathering of the Gourds at Iron Hill in West Chester, which will happen without us.

Also on Saturday, there is Bloktoberfest.  Looks like a great beer list, and sounds like a great time, rain or not.

On Sunday there is 2 awesome events going on, both raindates from last weekend’s washout. At 10am, get your mountain bike up to Pennypack Park and get ready to get muddy for the Pennypack’s Revenge Poker Run. I just rode up there for the first time this week, and it is a ton of fun. This is going to be an awesome race/ride/funtime.

After a hose down, head down to Dock St for the 2nd annual Biketoberfest.  This year the price is more than reasonable, so you have no reason not to go.

If you plan your weekend well, you could very easily have an epic 2 day stretch of bikes, beer and awesomeness.  Hopefully I’ll see you at some point this weekend, preferably with a beer in one hand and a bike in the other!

I love technology.  Most of the time.  Lois and I share a Google Calendar, where we organize our lives.  It is an amazing tool, and works wonderfully.  Most of the time.

Unfortunately, we both neglected to add a calendar event this Saturday.  And it turns out that we have a wedding to attend at the same time that we are supposed to ride to Iron Hill.  So I’m sorry to say that it looks like I will not be able to do this ride.  I’m scrambling trying to organize for it to happen in my absence, but I haven’t been able to get it worked out yet.  So, there is still a chance that some people will be riding to West Chester, but I can’t guarantee it.  Yet.  So if you’re reading this and want to lead the group, contact me.  Or if you really want to ride and are planning on being there regardless, let me know.  I’ll make sure you get the info you need to do the ride.  I’m really sorry for this late notice.

And if nothing happens this Saturday, I will try to set something up for next Saturday (Halloween!!).  I don’t want to break our streak of monthly rides completely!!

Is there anyone as excited about this weather as I am?  This is beer drinking weather.

I had the rare pleasure of getting out last night to the Foodery for a man date.  It was my first chance to really rock my Beer by Bike wool jersey.  And first time for my cool weather gloves too.  Sure, it was only 4 blocks away, but give me a break!  I wanted to gear up and ride!

I enjoyed 2 wee heavies in light of the cooler weather, Duck Rabbit’s and Geary’s.  Duck Rabbit consistently impresses me, and this was no different.  Well balanced with a gentle bitterness.  The Geary’s was perhaps more traditional with a syrupy sweetness, cloying and boozy.  And I must say, I think I prefered it’s malt assault.  I don’t know much about the brewery or their beers, but they are from Portland, ME.  Yet another reason to go visit that town.  Put it on my list.

Wow, just wow.  This is terrible.  This little girl had both parents killed by a truck while they were riding a tandem.

November 7th, 2009.  Mark your calendars.  I’ve been working with some friends to help plan out the 2nd semi-annual Philadelphia Tweed Ride.  The first one happened with little fanfare and little attendance back in the Spring.  I wasn’t even on that one.  But this Autumn’s ride promises to be much bigger and better.  There is much more info here:

So dust off your waistcoats and ready your brandy flasks, it’s going to be one smashing good time!

Mark your calendars!  This month we’re going to be riding out to Iron Hill in West Chester for their Gathering of the Gourds festival on October 24th.  As much as I don’t like pumpkin beer, I do love the autumn, and this will be the perfect way to celebrate it.  It will be a long ride, and it will go later than usual, so I would suggest figuring out your return plans ahead of time.  I will do my best to arrange some motorized transportation for the way home, but I can’t guarantee it.  If you’re planning on riding home, bring some lights, as the sun sets early and the suburbs are dark at night.  The fest starts at 2pm, so we’ll plan on leaving from the Art Museum around 10am.  The route will be very similar to the one we took to Victory Brewing.   See you all soon!

Having kids means early bedtimes.  For them.  Which equates to quiet nights at home, most of the time.  I don’t like to admit it often, but that also usually means television.  Other than movies, the only TV that I really watch is the Food Network and the Travel Channel.

Last night was the premiere of the new “Next Iron Chef.”  The American version of Iron Chef is probably one of my favorite shows (behind Good Eats, and of course Arrested Development).  It is without a doubt my favorite “reality TV” show.  It is in fact the only show of that type that I enjoy.  So I have a particular interest in this new search for the next Iron Chef.

Despite the nauseating drama and trappings of typical reality TV, which I tried hard to look past, it was a good show.  There was a bit of hometown pride as Jose Garces trumped the first part of the competition.  And there was even an appearance of my favorite beverage and namesake of this blog, beer, as a featured ingredient.  So here’s to hoping that Philadelphia gets another Iron Chef at the end of the season!


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