I love technology.  Most of the time.  Lois and I share a Google Calendar, where we organize our lives.  It is an amazing tool, and works wonderfully.  Most of the time.

Unfortunately, we both neglected to add a calendar event this Saturday.  And it turns out that we have a wedding to attend at the same time that we are supposed to ride to Iron Hill.  So I’m sorry to say that it looks like I will not be able to do this ride.  I’m scrambling trying to organize for it to happen in my absence, but I haven’t been able to get it worked out yet.  So, there is still a chance that some people will be riding to West Chester, but I can’t guarantee it.  Yet.  So if you’re reading this and want to lead the group, contact me.  Or if you really want to ride and are planning on being there regardless, let me know.  I’ll make sure you get the info you need to do the ride.  I’m really sorry for this late notice.

And if nothing happens this Saturday, I will try to set something up for next Saturday (Halloween!!).  I don’t want to break our streak of monthly rides completely!!