General Lafayette Inn

Man, this was a cold ride.  Temps were in the 20’s, and as soon as I left the house, the wind was fighting.  And it never let up.  We ended up riding out to the General Lafayette Inn, via the Valley Forge trail to Barren Hill Rd on the way there and Forbidden Dr on the way back.
Beer and Water
I don’t know if I could imagine a better post-frigid ride setting.  Fireplaces, dark wood, low ceilings, and hand pumped beer.  It really was an oasis.  They had their Sunset Red and an old ale on cask, and they were perfect.  The place got crowded, but we stayed at the bar, had some lunch, and otherwise avoided having to go back out in the cold.

But we did, and made it safely back.  A lucky few of us enjoyed some homemade chili at Chateau Keenan.  This was definitely an epic and enjoyable ride