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Twice now, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a nearly perfect bar snack at Cantina Dos Segundos.  Their mexican hot dog is only on the special menu, so I hope it’s not a temporary thing.  Because for $3, you get a grilled hot dog, topped with all sorts of delicious slop, including queso blanco and jalapenos.  Its simple, its messy, and its amazing.  The place itself can be hit or miss, but they have a great happy hour, and with this treat, its worth a visit.


I’ve been slacking on my meat quest, or at least, in my posting of my accomplishments.  Yesterday I had a chance to check out a food truck that I had been meaning to get to.  I had heard good things about Taco Loco, at 5th and Washington.  In particular, a post over at Salt Pepper Ketchup touted their Cubana Torta.  So naturally, that is what I got.

It was a heck of a sandwich, with a laughable array of pig products.  Roast pork, ham, and a hot dog were topped with a fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeno.  It was a huge and messy sandwich, so I didn’t even try to snap a picture.  At $6.50, it’s not a steal, but certainly on par with the price and size of any good sandwich out there.  I’d go back, but I think next time I’ll try a taco.

The ride for this month will take place next Saturday, February 27th.  As usual, we’ll be meeting at the Art Museum.  We’ll meet at 11am for a short (cold and snowy) ride, and end up at Yards Brewery’s new tasting room.  They opened this up recently and I’m really excited to check it out.  See you all then!!

A fellow Beer by Biker is helping organize this event.  It’s at the New Hope location of Triumph, but I think some of you will still be interested.  Go, support a good cause, drink some delicious beer, and have fun!  Its starts around 6pm or so

Championship Roller Racing*
and Fundraiser
Benefits the Young Survival Coalition**

Wednesday, February 24th

Triumph Brewing Company
400 Union Square
New Hope, PA 18938

I wrote a post for Lois’ site over at LoverMother today.  With thanks to our fellow beer, bike and food lover, Bryan P, for sharing the link, I wrote about my discovery of the perfect pizza dough recipe.  You may enjoy it.  Or you may enjoy the rest of Lois’ posts, pictures and videos about our family and her creative pursuits.  You might even get some ideas for ways to spend your snowy (and bikeless?) days

I actually missed this month’s ride due to a scheduling conflict.  However thanks to the vigor and diligence of some dedicated beer lovers and bike riders, the ride happened and was quite a success.  I didn’t get the final headcount, but it looks like about 10-12 people rode a fun little loop through Fairmount Park on their way to Dock Street Brewing in West Philly.  While I couldn’t be there, I enjoyed this ride vicariously through pictures:

Pictures are courtesy of Denine over at the Bicycle Chef


  • Beer by Bike ride is happening this Sat! Meet at 2nd and Poplar at 10:45 for a ride out to the Hop Angel Brauhaus for their holiday party 7 years ago
  • Hey, remember how we used to ride bikes and drink beer? Want to do it again? How about Dec 18th for a little holiday ride? 7 years ago
  • The Tweed Ride is this Sat!!: 7 years ago
  • Any Philly beerbybike'rs want to meet up with Evan from @beercycling tonight at Monk's? 7 years ago
  • We are planning our official BeerbyBike Homebrew camping extravaganza for next weekend. If you want in, please let me know ASAP 8 years ago