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It ended up being a chilly day, so when we met at the Art Museum, we decided to bail on the picnic idea.  There was 10 of us, and the revised plan was to ride to A Full Plate in Northern Liberties to open some homebrews and eat lunch.  We took a nice slow ride around the river drives on our way across town.

Upon arriving at a full Full Plate, we ended up going into Homeslice pizza instead.  It is also a Byo, and run by the owners of Full Plate.  We ordered some pizzas and dove right in.  Some delicious samples were passed around, including 2 different Pliny the Elder clones.  It was interesting to see the different takes on the same beer.

We also spent some time planning our June ride and brewday.  Plan ahead for June 26th and 27th!  We’ll be riding to Tom’s house in Collegeville and brewing a collaborative Saison.  A true Beer by Bike brew!

Sorry, no pictures this time!  I had my camera, but forgot to use it!

Also many thanks to Homeslice for hosting 10 hungry and thirsty bikers on a moments notice!


Our ride for this month will be on Saturday, March 27th.  It will be a bit different from our usual rides, in that we will all be providing the beer.  The idea is to try out various homebrews that we have all made.  I’m asking everyone to bring at least 4 bottles (or 48ozs) of either beer you’ve made yourself, or beer you love and would like the try to make yourself.  We’ll take a ride, and then, weather permitting, have a little picnic and try some beer.  We will also be using this ride to collaborate and plan a group homebrew that we’ll brew this summer.  So bring your ideas in addition to your beer!

Here are the details:  Saturday March 27th, 11am at the Art Museum.  Bring 4 bottles of homebrew (or favorite beer), and some food if you want.  The route and final destination are TBD.  See you then!

I’ve taken on a new hobby in the last 2 years, which has begun to account for much of my time, thought, and internet browsing.  For my birthday in 2008, Lois and some friends were kind enough to give me a nice pipe and some tobacco and supplies.  I enjoyed this pipe for many months, before delving more deeply into the hobby.

The more I read, learn, and smoke, the more I’m beginning to see the similarities between beer and pipe tobacco.  The same curiosity I found with beer, I’ve been finding with pipes.  There is an endless variety of pipe styles, materials, shapes, and tobacco blends.  The blends themselves are described with much of the same vocabulary as beer is (as is wine too, I’m assuming).  And what is more, pipe tobacco can be “cellared” much like beer.

I’m not going to fill up this blog with tobacco reviews and pipe talk.  Though I have been keeping a “tasting” journal, much like when I first started to appreciate beer.  Though I can’t promise I won’t make some pairing suggestions in the future.

And if you also smoke a pipe, please, bring in on the next ride!  As the weather warms up, I’m looking forward to enjoying a nice bowl of latakia under a spring sun!!

This past Saturday about 8 of us rode to the new Yards tasting room.  I woke up to snow falling, and it continued to fall all the way to the Art Museum.  It wasn’t that cold however, and the snow soon ceased, and left us with a rather nice winter day.  We weren’t sure how the paths would be, but it turned out Kelly Dr was clear.  We ended up riding out to the Falls Bridge and back (admittedly, this was mostly to kill time until Yards opened), and then straight over Spring Garden to Yards.

The new tasting room is great, with a large bar, long tables, and several booths.  The food is limited, but cheap and simple.  I only had time for one beer, so I opted for the Old Bart, which is a stellar English style barleywine.  They offered flights, which several of our riders went for.  I couldn’t stick around, but I heard that the tour was awesome, and that the tour guide was hilarious.

All in all, it was a great day and a great ride, though perhaps a bit too short.  Alas, that is the curse of the winter months.  I hope to have some longer rides and longer days in the coming months.

P.S:  Thanks Denine, for taking some pictures!


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