I’ve taken on a new hobby in the last 2 years, which has begun to account for much of my time, thought, and internet browsing.  For my birthday in 2008, Lois and some friends were kind enough to give me a nice pipe and some tobacco and supplies.  I enjoyed this pipe for many months, before delving more deeply into the hobby.

The more I read, learn, and smoke, the more I’m beginning to see the similarities between beer and pipe tobacco.  The same curiosity I found with beer, I’ve been finding with pipes.  There is an endless variety of pipe styles, materials, shapes, and tobacco blends.  The blends themselves are described with much of the same vocabulary as beer is (as is wine too, I’m assuming).  And what is more, pipe tobacco can be “cellared” much like beer.

I’m not going to fill up this blog with tobacco reviews and pipe talk.  Though I have been keeping a “tasting” journal, much like when I first started to appreciate beer.  Though I can’t promise I won’t make some pairing suggestions in the future.

And if you also smoke a pipe, please, bring in on the next ride!  As the weather warms up, I’m looking forward to enjoying a nice bowl of latakia under a spring sun!!