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I haven’t been posting much about Honey’s lately.  We still go frequently, but I’ve been sticking with the standards, as I’ve eaten through most of the menu.  Or at least the parts of the menu that sound good to me.  However this morning I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before: eggs and pastrami.  So I decided to give it a try.

It was basically 3 scrambled eggs with pastrami, not a fancy omelet.  Which was fine by me.  Along with a latke, this made a deliciously greasy and filling meal.  I love any kind of Jewish deli meats and sandwiches, and this was like a breakfast version.  The price, 7.50, was a bit high, otherwise this would enter into my normal rotation.

And in case you’re wondering, Jane always gets a pancake, and Madeline always gets grits.  And both require heaps of butter.


I’ve been slacking on my meat quest, or at least, in my posting of my accomplishments.  Yesterday I had a chance to check out a food truck that I had been meaning to get to.  I had heard good things about Taco Loco, at 5th and Washington.  In particular, a post over at Salt Pepper Ketchup touted their Cubana Torta.  So naturally, that is what I got.

It was a heck of a sandwich, with a laughable array of pig products.  Roast pork, ham, and a hot dog were topped with a fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeno.  It was a huge and messy sandwich, so I didn’t even try to snap a picture.  At $6.50, it’s not a steal, but certainly on par with the price and size of any good sandwich out there.  I’d go back, but I think next time I’ll try a taco.

I wrote a post for Lois’ site over at LoverMother today.  With thanks to our fellow beer, bike and food lover, Bryan P, for sharing the link, I wrote about my discovery of the perfect pizza dough recipe.  You may enjoy it.  Or you may enjoy the rest of Lois’ posts, pictures and videos about our family and her creative pursuits.  You might even get some ideas for ways to spend your snowy (and bikeless?) days

Having kids means early bedtimes.  For them.  Which equates to quiet nights at home, most of the time.  I don’t like to admit it often, but that also usually means television.  Other than movies, the only TV that I really watch is the Food Network and the Travel Channel.

Last night was the premiere of the new “Next Iron Chef.”  The American version of Iron Chef is probably one of my favorite shows (behind Good Eats, and of course Arrested Development).  It is without a doubt my favorite “reality TV” show.  It is in fact the only show of that type that I enjoy.  So I have a particular interest in this new search for the next Iron Chef.

Despite the nauseating drama and trappings of typical reality TV, which I tried hard to look past, it was a good show.  There was a bit of hometown pride as Jose Garces trumped the first part of the competition.  And there was even an appearance of my favorite beverage and namesake of this blog, beer, as a featured ingredient.  So here’s to hoping that Philadelphia gets another Iron Chef at the end of the season!

9/27/09 – Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs.  You know, ever since becoming a meat eater, I’ve encountered some meats that I actually prefer the veggie version better.  I think this might be one of them.  Really good, don’t get me wrong.  But there isn’t really a need for the huge slab of beef, when it’s really the batter and gravy that I want to be eating.  The meat just fills me up.  How about chicken fried eggs with gravy?  Mmm, white gravy…

8/7/09 – Biscuits and gravy.  Sure, its kinda strange that the sausage is a single patty, instead of crumbled up in the gravy.  But who am I to complain?  This is the sort of breakfast that I’ve been missing out on for 12 years.  I am in love with meat and white gravy atop starchy baked goods.

Yesterday Two days ago, I found myself in Delaware county around lunchtime.  Recalling a respected friend’s recommendation of Charlie’s in Folsom, I decided to give it a try.  Click the link.  I should have.  I won’t repeat what Scott already said, but I definitely should have done some homework before I went.  Because while the burger was delicious, “the ratio of burger to cheese to bun,” as Scott put it, for a single cheeseburger is way too unbalanced.  The tiny burger was overwhelmed by the cheese, bun, not to mention, ketchup, tomato and pickles.  I’m going to try it again, but get a double burger the next time.  And maybe a milkshake.

Since my burger needs weren’t really met at lunch, I did a double burger meal day, and dragged the ladies out to check out P.Y.T in the Piazza.  With all the hype and Twitter trash talking, I had been wanting to check this place out.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The P.Y.T. burger was actually quite perfect, despite being cooked a bit beyond the medium that I asked for.  But with the extras, bacon, special sauce, etc, and the Martins potato bun, the burger was spot on.  It wasn’t quite a pub burger slab of meat, though definitely in that direction., as opposed to the thin sheet of beef at Charlies.

I also had a (non-adult) shake and fries.  The shake was great.  Rainbow jimmies were a perfect little addition.  The fries however were pretty boring.  They have been much lauded by the owners tweet taunts over the past few weeks, but they just weren’t anything special.  If they weren’t so talked up, I wouldn’t even mention them.  They were just… there.  Thin, average, a forgettable side dish.

I have many more places and animals to try in my Meat Quest.  Burgers have now become an important sub-quest.  Bring on the beef.

7/31/09 – Chipped Beef on Toast.  I almost forgot to post this one.  Honey’s version is much meatier and drier than mom’s, my childhood favorite.  But the 1/2 size is more than enough.  I don’t know how I ever ate so much of this as a kid.

7/26/09 – Whitefish Platter.  This is an unusual choice for me.  But I had too much greasy meaty late night food the night before, so I went with something lighter than usual.  And you know what, olives for breakfast are amazing!

I was going to write a review of Honey’s Sit and Eat.  But duh!  Who doesn’t know how great this place is?  So instead I’ll begin a weekly update of what I eat there.  Like you all really care!

7/22/09: Enfrijoladas.  These are better than any Heuvos Rancheros, anywhere.  Seriously.  Spicy, beany, eggy, but somehow light and summery.  Not at all a dense stomach bomb like some mexican-y breakfast dishes can be.


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