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This Friday marks the start of Philly Beer Week, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.  This Saturday, we’ll kick it off by having a Beer by Bike event touring 5 of the city’s breweries.  Details, as noted at the Beer Week site:

Join us Saturday morning for a citywide bicycle tour of five Philadelphia breweries. We’ll start at PBC and take a leisurely bike ride to Yards, Triumph, Nodding Head, and end at Dock St. This is a pay as you go event, so bring some cash to sample each brewery’s creations. All types of bicycles and skill levels are welcome, but helmets are required, and be sure to bring a lock to secure your bike. Please: no scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, or other fun forms of transportation! This is a bicycle only event.
The ride and registration begins at PBC, 2439 Amber St at 11am, and this ride will be limited to the first 100 people.

See you all at PBC this Saturday at 11am!!


I was unable to make this ride, unfortunately, so Stephen is providing this recap.  Thanks for heading this ride up Stephen!!

The seven of us (John, Phil, Linda, Ellis, Stephen, Tim and Jared) departed about 40 minutes late as the Broad Street Run prevented some people from arriving on time to the meet-up spot. The ride out was fantastic, though, and with little incident (I even found a pair of cycling gloves!). It was pretty sunny and riding alongside rivers and creeks most of the way out to Phoenixville got us all talking about a dip on the way back. Although the Sly Fox event was basically in a strip mall parking lot, we found some grass to lounge in for the afternoon. The beer was abundant and the crowd in high spirits. A few of us took advantage of the adjacent Dairy Queen. The ride back included a quick swim in the Schuylkill near the Valley Forge park and none of the predicted rain. Two thumbs way up!

Our April ride will not technically be in April, but it will be awesome nonetheless.  We’ll be riding out to the Sly Fox Goat Race and Bock Fest.  This event is one of a kind, and not to be missed.  It will be a longer rider, about 30 miles each way.  But there will be very few hills, and lots of off road paths.  There is a train station nearby, in case you want to hitch a ride home.  The fest starts at 11am, so to get there in a timely manner, we’ll be leaving the Art Museum at 9am.  Get ready for an awesome ride and an awesome day!!  See you then!

It ended up being a chilly day, so when we met at the Art Museum, we decided to bail on the picnic idea.  There was 10 of us, and the revised plan was to ride to A Full Plate in Northern Liberties to open some homebrews and eat lunch.  We took a nice slow ride around the river drives on our way across town.

Upon arriving at a full Full Plate, we ended up going into Homeslice pizza instead.  It is also a Byo, and run by the owners of Full Plate.  We ordered some pizzas and dove right in.  Some delicious samples were passed around, including 2 different Pliny the Elder clones.  It was interesting to see the different takes on the same beer.

We also spent some time planning our June ride and brewday.  Plan ahead for June 26th and 27th!  We’ll be riding to Tom’s house in Collegeville and brewing a collaborative Saison.  A true Beer by Bike brew!

Sorry, no pictures this time!  I had my camera, but forgot to use it!

Also many thanks to Homeslice for hosting 10 hungry and thirsty bikers on a moments notice!

Our ride for this month will be on Saturday, March 27th.  It will be a bit different from our usual rides, in that we will all be providing the beer.  The idea is to try out various homebrews that we have all made.  I’m asking everyone to bring at least 4 bottles (or 48ozs) of either beer you’ve made yourself, or beer you love and would like the try to make yourself.  We’ll take a ride, and then, weather permitting, have a little picnic and try some beer.  We will also be using this ride to collaborate and plan a group homebrew that we’ll brew this summer.  So bring your ideas in addition to your beer!

Here are the details:  Saturday March 27th, 11am at the Art Museum.  Bring 4 bottles of homebrew (or favorite beer), and some food if you want.  The route and final destination are TBD.  See you then!

This past Saturday about 8 of us rode to the new Yards tasting room.  I woke up to snow falling, and it continued to fall all the way to the Art Museum.  It wasn’t that cold however, and the snow soon ceased, and left us with a rather nice winter day.  We weren’t sure how the paths would be, but it turned out Kelly Dr was clear.  We ended up riding out to the Falls Bridge and back (admittedly, this was mostly to kill time until Yards opened), and then straight over Spring Garden to Yards.

The new tasting room is great, with a large bar, long tables, and several booths.  The food is limited, but cheap and simple.  I only had time for one beer, so I opted for the Old Bart, which is a stellar English style barleywine.  They offered flights, which several of our riders went for.  I couldn’t stick around, but I heard that the tour was awesome, and that the tour guide was hilarious.

All in all, it was a great day and a great ride, though perhaps a bit too short.  Alas, that is the curse of the winter months.  I hope to have some longer rides and longer days in the coming months.

P.S:  Thanks Denine, for taking some pictures!

The ride for this month will take place next Saturday, February 27th.  As usual, we’ll be meeting at the Art Museum.  We’ll meet at 11am for a short (cold and snowy) ride, and end up at Yards Brewery’s new tasting room.  They opened this up recently and I’m really excited to check it out.  See you all then!!

I actually missed this month’s ride due to a scheduling conflict.  However thanks to the vigor and diligence of some dedicated beer lovers and bike riders, the ride happened and was quite a success.  I didn’t get the final headcount, but it looks like about 10-12 people rode a fun little loop through Fairmount Park on their way to Dock Street Brewing in West Philly.  While I couldn’t be there, I enjoyed this ride vicariously through pictures:

Pictures are courtesy of Denine over at the Bicycle Chef

Meet at the Art Museum steps this Sat, 1/23, at 11am.  We’ll be doing some riding through the park then head over to Dock St in West Philly

General Lafayette Inn

Man, this was a cold ride.  Temps were in the 20’s, and as soon as I left the house, the wind was fighting.  And it never let up.  We ended up riding out to the General Lafayette Inn, via the Valley Forge trail to Barren Hill Rd on the way there and Forbidden Dr on the way back.
Beer and Water
I don’t know if I could imagine a better post-frigid ride setting.  Fireplaces, dark wood, low ceilings, and hand pumped beer.  It really was an oasis.  They had their Sunset Red and an old ale on cask, and they were perfect.  The place got crowded, but we stayed at the bar, had some lunch, and otherwise avoided having to go back out in the cold.

But we did, and made it safely back.  A lucky few of us enjoyed some homemade chili at Chateau Keenan.  This was definitely an epic and enjoyable ride


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