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Yesterday Two days ago, I found myself in Delaware county around lunchtime.  Recalling a respected friend’s recommendation of Charlie’s in Folsom, I decided to give it a try.  Click the link.  I should have.  I won’t repeat what Scott already said, but I definitely should have done some homework before I went.  Because while the burger was delicious, “the ratio of burger to cheese to bun,” as Scott put it, for a single cheeseburger is way too unbalanced.  The tiny burger was overwhelmed by the cheese, bun, not to mention, ketchup, tomato and pickles.  I’m going to try it again, but get a double burger the next time.  And maybe a milkshake.

Since my burger needs weren’t really met at lunch, I did a double burger meal day, and dragged the ladies out to check out P.Y.T in the Piazza.  With all the hype and Twitter trash talking, I had been wanting to check this place out.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The P.Y.T. burger was actually quite perfect, despite being cooked a bit beyond the medium that I asked for.  But with the extras, bacon, special sauce, etc, and the Martins potato bun, the burger was spot on.  It wasn’t quite a pub burger slab of meat, though definitely in that direction., as opposed to the thin sheet of beef at Charlies.

I also had a (non-adult) shake and fries.  The shake was great.  Rainbow jimmies were a perfect little addition.  The fries however were pretty boring.  They have been much lauded by the owners tweet taunts over the past few weeks, but they just weren’t anything special.  If they weren’t so talked up, I wouldn’t even mention them.  They were just… there.  Thin, average, a forgettable side dish.

I have many more places and animals to try in my Meat Quest.  Burgers have now become an important sub-quest.  Bring on the beef.



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