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Life is busy these days.  I’m weeks away from being father to a third girl.  I’m working way more hours than I want to. And I’m sleeping far less than I should.  But I suppose I should get used to that.

But I am finding myself often in the country for work, which I’m making the most of.  I’ve been able to schedule lunch at Sly Fox one day and Victory another.  I hadn’t been to Victory before, so that was a treat.

And I’m in the car much more than on my bike, which annoys me to no end. But there’s no avoiding it right now.  That is, until I’m able to ride a couple hundred miles within a couple hours, then maybe we’ll see.

Except for Beer of the Bike, where we rode to Earth Bread and Brewery last Saturday.  I’ll update there soon.

Expect some changes in both sites soon, Beer of the Bike will soon be known simply as Beer by Bike.  The fate of this site is still up in the air.

And speaking of which, check out the awesome birthday gift Lo got for me!


I like keeping lists.  Its my way of attempting to organize my life.  Of course, those lists are usually haphazard and ill-kept.  But I still do it.  Technology has helped to centralize these lists, and my Blackberry (best phone ever) holds many of my digital lists.  The problem is, I rarely update the lists once made.  So as an exercise in fun-ness and organizing-ization-ness, here is a random list, distilled from my Blackberry and my own mind.

  • Prohibition Taproom – This (post) is what prompted this list.  It opened recently, and I added it to my “to-try” list, and realized that I hadn’t updated it in awhile
  • The Tiedhouse – This Saturday The Brew Lounge crew is running there (not to be confused with the Fishtown Beer runners, as I made the mistake of doing before) from the General Lafayette Inn.  It reminded me that I want to get there soon.  And I would love to bike there on Saturday, but Lois will be on tour and I’ll be dadding all day.  Maybe I’ll bring the trailer, hmm…
  • Chicks Cafe – Another place I’ve been meaning to get to
  • Southwark Restaurant – Rye Whisky anyone?  Did I mention my “to try” list?
  • Apothecary – I think I must have
  • Kung Fu Necktie – I get the sense that I should either go here more often and put my flag in the ground before it becomes the new cool spot, or just concede it to cooler people than I.  Either way, it needs a new name.  And a website.
  • Memphis Taproom – Heard of this place before?
  • Germantown – Maybe moving there in the not too distant future?
  • Earth Bread and Brewery– Not too far from Germantown…
  • Stilton Cheese and Barleywine – Tis the season
  • Autumn – Have you seen a tree lately?
  • Bottom Brackets – I need to check mine out before my next ride, please remind me.
  • Tria – I forgot about this place, I used to go to all their beer classes
  • Money – Oh yea, I don’t have any, so most of this list is pointless.
  • The Internet – I’m on an upward swing in my dysfunctional relationship with the internet, I signed up for, Twitter, and Facebook recently.
  • Real life – If you want to discuss, enjoy, attempt, consume, or visit any of the above, let me know.  I’d love to get out more often.

Woot woot!  Earth Bread and Brewery is finally opening up!  (news via Jack Curtin)  Next Beer of the Bike anyone?  David, are you paying attention?

Last night I took an after dinner bike ride up to Mt Airy to meet some old friends at McMenamin’s.  I had heard good things about this place and wanted to check it out.

The ride itself was harder than I expected.  I always forget how hilly Mt Airy is.  I fared better than Micah however, who joined me on his brakeless track bike.  12 miles in a little over an hour?  That’s not much to brag about.  But a beautiful ride nevertheless.

The bar is a great little spot on a happening little block.  I loved seeing such a wide variety of clientele, and it was packed for a Tuesday!  A remarkably different scene than I’m used to.  It brought back fond memories of the Glenside Pub (where I proposed to my wife, btw).

The beer list was a little slimmer than I had expected, but they still had some interesting options.  I started off with a Rogue Tripel, which I can’t seem to find much info about online.  There were several poorly marked items on the list, including “Maple Nut Brown.”  Our server thought that maybe the brewery was something like “Bushwackers,” which didn’t sound familar to me.  I shouldn’t have, but I ordered one anyway.  Terrible.  Maybe they had the lines crossed with the Rodenbach or something, but it tasted far too tart to be intentional.  Maybe it was dirty lines, or contamination, I don’t know, but it was really far from mapley or nutty.  I washed it down with a couple pints of Beamish.  They actually had a hand pump too, but the ESA cask had just kicked, sadly.

It seemed to be understaffed, so unfortunately the service was particularly poor this particular night.  Thankfully, after waiting for an hour for our check, my gracious friends offered me and my bike a ride home.

I hate to say bad things about a place, but the mediocre beer list, bad beer, and slow service is enough for me to not go back anytime soon.  At least its not worthy of a twilight 12 hilly mile ride on its own.

When Earth Bread and Brewery (finally) opens up, maybe I’ll give it another try.


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