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I’m way late for a recap as the ride was 2 weeks ago, I’m sorry.  We did actually ride, Beer by Bike Nov 09and it was pretty fun.  Our final destination was Philadelphia Brewing Co’s holiday party, but we had no real route or plan to get there.  We started into Fairmount Park, on a route that I know well.  But back by the recycling center we turned off onto some fire roads.  I was really interested in checking these paths out, and I’m glad that some of the guys knew them well.  They weren’t paved, but most everyone had no problem riding them, even with skinny tires.

We rode around for a Beer by Bike Nov 09bit, and decided to head down to the newly opened Hawthorne Cafe in south Philly for lunch.  Hawthorne Cafe is a little beer cafe owned by Bella Vista Distributors.  The beer selection, as expected, was awesome.  They have a growler filling station with an amazing taplist.  Sadly though, no single glass pours.  I went with a pair of Dark Horse beers, including the perfectly paired oatmeal stout.  Early in a late autumn day, after a chilly ride through the woods, a hearty stout was the perfect lunch beer.  Well, not exactly lunch.  For some reason, they don’t serve their lunch menu until 3pm on weekends, and there was nary a lunch dish to be found on the “brunch” menuBeer by Bike Nov 09u.  This was my only complaint, as I was really looking forward to one of their hand carved sandwiches.

From there we rode up to PBC.  Some mechanical issues broke up the group, but we all arrived safely.  We all had a glass of their new winter ale and settled into a table in the loading dock turned courtyard.  We had a chance to recount the ride over some pipe tobacco and free beer, a fitting end to a wonderful day.


I left the Jersey shore on Sat without the wife and kids.  They are staying down for the week, while I came back for work.  I’ll be joining them on Wed night, but for 3 days, I’m living single.

And what else would I do as a single person except the two namesakes of this blog?  So yesterday I slept “in” till 8am, and promptly took a 17 mile fast loop around Fairmount Park.  I’m continually discovering new paths through it.  Its probably not new to most, but there are some really nice roads to bike on hidden within Fairmount Park, complete with climbs and skyline views.

Back at home, my equally wife-less friend Justin and I made a run to the Foodery for sixpacks and set the stage for an afternoon the likes of which I haven’t known since high school.  I started the afternoon with a Bell’s Java Stout.  Creamy and rich, and just the right amount of coffee flavor, definitely not overkill.  Then we had Sly Fox Incubus.  I’ve had this recommended to me, and it didn’t disappoint.  Smooth triple, with just enough spice and bite.  I also had a Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout.  A Russian Imperial that was also a solid choice.  But I don’t know if I’ve ever met a RIS that I didn’t like.

The cheese selection had a hard time keeping up with the big beers, but the Dubliner from Trader Joe’s made a valiant effort.

Before I knew it, it was 7pm and we were still playing video games.  And I hadn’t even started on my homework!!


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