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I’ve noticed some new beer and drinking related shows on TV in my late night channel surfing.

I’ve heard of “Three Sheets” from when it was on Mojo.  But as I never got that channel, I never really watched it.  Now that its on FLN, I’ve caught at least one episode.  I like the format.  And even though my watching of travel shows is permanently ruined from seeing behind the curtain of the Samantha Brown show, and even though it certainly glazes over much, I still enjoy this show.  I don’t expect it to ever be a comprehensive guide to drinking in other cultures, but its a fun watch.  Knowing a bit about brewing and distilling helps, as he/they tend to dumb things down a bit.

The other show that I found is the Thirsty Traveler.  This one I know much less about, other than recognizing the host from Iron Chef.  It seems like a similar format, and the one episode I saw was entertaining.

I hope you don’t watch as much TV as me, but at least now there are some interesting things to watch.



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